10 Must Known Factors about Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia

The United Arab Emirates has always been a consumer oriented market, with plenty of skyline shopping malls and outlets. In recent times, Saudi Arabia Market has seen a quick change in the shopping preferences of the people. Now, people are tending towards Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia. The credit goes to the growth and development of technology which allows customers to shop, with a few clicks on their electronic devices especially smart phones. Online shopping in Saudi Arabia is driven by the priorities of technology-savvy consumer, who enjoys the convenience, speed, and safety of their transactions offered by e-commerce. Listed below are the top 10 Factors about online shopping in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Young Population – Saudi Arabia market is dominated by young population with high online spending potential which makes an adequate environment for online shopping
  1. Rapid Internet Usage– The accelerating growth of the Internet on a global basis is enabling high-speed and low-energy is becoming a growing preference among the customers. The growing popularity of internet usage is the first step towards the online marketing indeed.
  1. Leading E-commerce Website– souqoros.com has emerged as the most reliable locally-based e-commerce sites among the Middle East based consumers. They have made a major impact on the consumer with their easy payment gateway, return and refund policy.
  1. Ease of E-commerce- Convenience, time saving and easy payment mode has been the top reason for the popularity of the E-commerce in Middle East.
  1. Increasing Mobile User– Mobile commerce is one obvious trend which helped the E-commerce, as mobile devices are mostly used by the people for online shopping. Thus, rapid increase of smart phone user is the reason for the increase of the E-commerce
  1. Advance Mobile App- The introduction of new apps and e-commerce website has brightened the future of e-commerce in the UAE. It gives customers new choice and option with the constant introduction of new apps and more choices being made available for customers who are looking to purchase goods and services online.
  1. Privacy for Women– Online shopping is preferred by the women population of the country as it gives them ample of privacy and variety at one stop without any demand of physical presence and interaction with other people.
  1. Present Excellence- At present the online marketing in the Middle East is head by Tickets booking. It is currently the biggest spend for online shoppers in the Middle East.
  1. Support from Local Business– Most of the local enterprise has started selling their products online to connect people across the Middle East.
  1. Need of better payment gateway- However, consumers still prefer COD than online purchase via a payment gateway as people are yet to develop faith on the secure payment gateway. About 80% of online purchases in the Middle East is made with cash on delivery. Under such scenario, the development of attractive schemes such as digital wallets will help the growth of e-commerce, as it offers a convenient way to pay as well as a trust mechanism between buyers and sellers.

When there are so many positive environments for the Ecommerce in the Middle East than it is the business responsibility to focus on improving the customer service which will add more customers and also don’t lose the potential customer. Quality service to online shoppers will help increase online sales by increasing the eagerness to purchase products but also lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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