10 Things You Need To Know About Led Tv

One of the first things one must consider and understand is that Led televisions come with a backlight which is of different types. Two kinds of backlighting are in use. Firstly there is edge lighting where LED lights are used on the outer edges and sides of the screen. The second one is the full LED lighting where on the outer and behind the entire LCD screen, LED lights are used. Televisions powered by LCD and LED technology capture the major market of the home next-generation entertainment. The choice of a television depends on how people balance performance, price, functionalities, size, and efficiency.

True facts regarding Led televisions:-

  • A recent innovation- Led means Light Emitting Diodes. The small-sized diodes are used in more quantities to emit light. These are the LCD TV in their new versions where LED or light emitting diodes are used in place of conventional CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lights.
  • Distance- The right screen size is usually the first question customers ask a storekeeper while purchasing a television. One must definitely make room considerations while choosing their brand new HD led tv. The screen size of distance if it is too close or too far will fail to engage the viewer.
  • Vibrant and High Contrast-The increased use of LED technology as a backlight in place of conventional fluorescent backlights has also enhanced the contrast levels. Colours are represented in a more accurate manner with these. This is the main reason why LED TVs are so vibrant to look at.
  • LED Lighting Technology-An Iloyd Android led tv technology uses a visual display technique process. Here various functions are layered in between liquid crystals which are placed between transparent electrodes. A liquid crystal is a special molecule which has liquidity and can polarize sound and light. In a continuous process, the technology makes alignment of the various liquid crystals with the help of layers of crystals. The liquid crystal arrangement is altered and light is transmitted which is the backlighting of the television thus generated imagery on the screen.
  • Energy consumption – Every television which is LED requires energy for all the various functions and components to work. A new led tv price is worth investing owing to the energy saving it gives to a customer. These televisions required an electrical current for the stimulation of the various liquid crystals on the LCD panel. This activates the backlight. Standard LCD televisions used to consume more energy and money before. A LED tv, on the other hand, is Energy Star energy efficiency standards. Typically it will be consuming anything between 20 and 30% of energy than what an LCD of similar size will consume.
  • Affordability –Led TVs to come in a variety of screen sizes and the most commonly ordered one is the 32 inch one. Every year, 32 led tv price changes owing to various market demand and supply conditions. For a standard size living room a 32-inch television is neither too small nor too big and hence people purchase it with pleasure. One of the largest sources of returns to the manufacturers comes from the led 32-inch price point which is ideal for an individual with an average income.
  • Local dimming- Local dimming is a new trend in Led and Lcd televisions where some areas of the backlight are dimmed or darkened separately. Hence the amount of light which is leaking out can be controlled. The final result is that the black areas appear darker and crisp thus creating a real-life effect on screen.

Having a good television is not enough unless it is set up in a proper manner. You might have paid for the best HDTV in the entire world which uses latest technologies, but you must understand the optimal settings and use it to get the best out of the television.


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