A Guide On Choosing LED TV With Latest Features

Lloyd LED TVsModern LED televisions have revolutionized the TV viewing experience. LED lighting of the screen allows you to view sharper picture while achieving higher energy efficiency. Whether it’s a full hd led tv 32 inch screen or a 65 inch UHD screen, these televisions don’t have any delay or warm up time. The screens are thinner and offer the best of LCD and plasma TVs. So when choosing the perfect LED TV for your home, it is best to know about the latest features.

Key Features to Look For

You buy 32 inch led tv or choose from a wide range of screen sizes including 20 inches, 24 inches, 39 inches, 43 inches, 49 inches,  50 inches, 58 inches and 65 inches. Some of the main features that make the latest LED TVs so special are as following:

  • High Definition Picture Quality: Whether you are looking for led tv price 40 inch or 65 inch, you can choose an LED TV with different screen resolutions. An HDTV offers superior resolution of 1366*768 pixels. A Full HD (FHD) LED TV screen offers even better picture quality with its 1920*1080 pixels. And then you have the option to choose Ultra HD (UHD) that offers 4 times the resolution of an FHD screen.
  • Certified A Grade Panel: When choosing a simple or 3d led tv, look for a TV with Grade A panel that doesn’t have imperfections.
  • No-Signal Power Off: This feature will turn-off your LED TV when there is no signal.
  • Auto Volume Leveler: Some LED TVs come with an automatic volume adjustable feature that protects you the hassle of adjusting volume on different sources.
  • Wider Viewing Angle: The latest led tv 40 and other sizes come with wider viewing angle. Make sure to choose such an LED TV.
  • Picture Zoom: Does your TV offer picture zooming without any image distortion? Look for this feature when choosing your LED TV.
  • PC Connection: You can also find 50 inch led tv price that can be connected to your PC to play videos.
  • Smart TV: Then you can choose Smart LED TVs that have Internet and wide range of interactive features.
  • LAN Connection: If you have broadband connection, you can choose an LED TV that can be connected to the Internet and stream your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Wi-Fi: There are also new LED televisions that come with Wi-Fi interface. Such LED TVs can connect to the Internet with an access point is available.

Hotel Mode

If you are choosing a 65 inch or 21 inch led tv for your hotel, look for a TV with the ‘hotel mode’ feature. It can help improve guest experience, saving you both time and money. It allows you to select the input signal, source and audio levels with ease. Some of the other features you should look for include multi-language OSD, auto standby, headphone connectivity, phone screen mirroring and 3D digital comb filter among others.

There are many more features that make the latest LED TVs so special. You should consider all these features when evaluating your preferences. Look for an LED TV that fits your budget while also offering features and technologies that you want. You can find led tv 40 inch or in any other size that offers convenience and a great picture-viewing experience.

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