Androids Are Always the Better Alternative

Android phones are soaring up high in demand. While the users of normal phones have their typical reasons to stay in love with their handy handsets, they cannot ignore the large number of reasons Android phones provide for stepping up from a simple phone to a smartphone. Believe it or not, the world at Android Mobile Phone is way simpler than it sounds. Following points are the proof of what we are talking about.

  • Android’s Drag-and-Drop is pure fun: Yes, nothing is more convenient than drag-and-drop facility which is quite an advanced feature. Android phone allows the users to do the syncing job in the simplest possible way, i.e., drag and drop, thereby, helping them save lot of time as well as effort.
  • Customization is super easy: Who wants to keep looking at the same ole’ wallpaper for whole of the year? Customization is a facility that brings you closer to your gadgets and makes you the real owner of your gadget. This simple activity of changing the wall paper or creating shortcuts is pure fun. Android Smartphone allows the users to keep their mobile phones the way they want.
  • Sharing files and other data: The latest smartphones based on Android OS allow the users to share files with any mobile phone having any operating system. This ease and flexibility of sharing files is at par with the present world of cutting edge technology.
  • Expandable memory: Android phone allows the user to expand memory as it has external memory card slots that can provide extra storage in the phone without a fuss. One can upgrade to up to 32GB of memory space with external memory slots that Android technology can support.
  • Stylus support: Android phones offer stylus support. No matter how avidly you are able to type, the need to use stylus can never be ignored. Especially, when you are using your smartphone for some creative purpose, you definitely need the stylus.
  • Google Maps: Whether you are in India or in any part of the world, you definitely need map to move without hassle.
  • Back key: The flexibility to move to the previous screen is available in the android smartphone. Android back key is applicable across all the applications too and this makes browsing more fun.
  • More spacious cloud services: Google Drive available in Android phone offers 15GB of space and this too is expandable on payment of small amount.

Android phones have opened new avenues of possibilities for the users who want to extract the best from their gadgets. A device that is able to adopt a variety of roles is must-have in this age of multi-utility concept. Moreover, a  phone user needs and expects his phone to be available to him the way he wants and want to exercise complete control over it. The latest mobile phones based on Android offer unprecedented degree of freedom and this is what innovation and technology aim at in actual sense. So, be smart, go Android!

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