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5 Things to Check Out Before You Buy an Electric Shaver

Electric shavers have hit the market in a big way, with a vast array of sophisticated features. These include dual tracking system, active contour, universal charging ports and long battery life. Manual shaving kits like blades and blade holders are fast disappearing with the inception of electric shaver for men. True indeed, these are much […]

Your Guide to Beard Grooming Essentials

A well-groomed man leaves a lasting impression and shines even in a crowd. With a certain tips and tricks, it is easy for you to enter the league of men who make an impact. Read more about how you can be on the path to glory with these beard styling products. Men and grooming are […]

Find out the Perfect Beard Style for your Face

Beard has always been a symbol of pride and honor. For men who love to rock their look with a beard, following are different styles that they can opt for. Beard is for keeps. This is not just a mere combination of words but a matter of pride an honor. Beard is to men what […]

Things to look for in your Hair Dryer and Straightener

Hair dryer and straightener is essential for meeting the hair grooming requirements at home. Whether it is for personal or professional use, one must look for hair dryer that delivers best results, is easy to carry and have multiple functionalities like straightening etc. Messy hair is big no-no. You lose a big element of organization […]

How to Pick Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men Online

Shaving sounds essential yet tedious to many of the people who don’t like facial hair. Clean shaven face is a charmer and describes a lot about the man’s interest in looking his best. Even those with beard are seen shopping trimmers for men online to keep their facial mane in control as well as in […]