Courses to Pursue After 12th If Not Interested in Bachelor Degree

Why waste three years of life after 12th in pursuing degree that does not guarantee any job? Instead, isn’t it wise to continue with the dream you chose to hunt after 12th standard? No, it is not about trying to crack the entrance exams again and again, but moving on life with Diploma Courses after 12th that are interesting to pursue and are valued better in job market as well. Here is an overview of diplomas you can do after 12th and how these are considered better than a vanilla bachelor degree.
a.    Diploma in Pharmacy: This is one of the most promising branches of study that one can pursue to become self-sufficient. Diploma in Pharmacy teaches the students about various formulations and their use in treating various studies. This diploma also gives a clearer overview of how to manage a retail pharmacy store, etc.  Students pursuing this diploma can open a shop of their own and become self-sufficient in the process. Some chemicals based industries and pharmacy companies have jobs for diploma holders also.

b.    Diploma in Library Science: How to arrange books and manage their transactions – this is very important for all departments of public interest, colleges and schools where libraries are basic facilities to offer. Managing these books require a specialized hand like a librarian. Institutes look for diploma in Library Science on your resume when they recruit librarians. Thus, a great career awaits you at the other side of this diploma course.

c.    Diploma in Marketing Management: Marketing is the most crucial department in any organization. How marketing plans are implemented at the ground level is what you get to learn in diploma course in marketing management. You can get lucrative sales job studded with incentives and fast growth as companies need people who can perform and not those who simply flaunt their degrees and do not have any track record as such. Thus, this diploma is certainly a great career booster and anytime better than B.A. or B.Sc.

d.    Diploma in Radiology and Pathology: This course is suitable for students in medical science. It integrates studies about diseases, their symptoms, anatomy and physiology. Additionally, the student also learns to operate various diagnostic machines and record findings. As a student of this course, you can get to learn a lot about human body and its functions. These students are absorbed readily at pathology labs, diagnostic centers and healthcare centers and earn fabulously.

e.    Diploma in Retail Management: Retail is the sector that is growing leaps and bounds in the current marketing conditions. Abundance of supermarkets and multi-specialty stores all around has opened job opportunities for students excelling in retail management. They are given knowledge about material management, shelf management, invoicing, consumer behavior, and other aspects of retail management. Thus, this specialized knowledge makes them desirable in retail stores and other mega stores that help you give a decent kick start to your career.

So, think innovatively when it comes to deciding about higher education after 12th. Recognize your inner self and see what would work best for you without killing your spirit.

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