Get The Smartphone Most Appropriate For You

India is a huge market for companies making Smartphones. With its huge population, it presents unlimited opportunities for many different manufacturers to put forth their products. Consequently there is a healthy competition among these companies which, in turn, benefits the users. Price war or reduction of the price of the Smartphone by introduction of schemes and cash back bonuses etc. is an all-time favourite way to win customers and increase the sales of these Smartphone manufacturers. Thus today some of the best Smartphone in India is available at extremely affordable prices.

Classification of Smartphones

Today, consumers in India are spoilt for choice with regards to Smartphones. Hence it is best to categorise them so that sorting on the basis of one’s requirement becomes easy. This categorisation can be done on the basis of:

  • Processor, RAM and storage: This forms the backbone of the phone. The processor and the RAM work in tandem to ensure that using the phone make for a smooth and fact experience. The user, in India, gets to choose from the dual-core, octacore, and quad core processors etc. RAM capacity ranges from 1 GB in the older Smartphones to 2 GB in the recent and 3 GB in the modern versions. And it goes without saying that a higher capacity phone always has more utility than a phone with lesser storage.
  • The operating system: This is the most crucial part of a phone since the choice of the operating system decides whether the Smartphone chosen is the best Smartphone available for the user. The choices range from different versions of:
    • Android operating systems which show a native affinity for Google programs and are quite affordably priced,
    • iOS operating system which is exclusive only to Apple phones and extremely intuitive in its use but expensive and
    • Windows operating system generally found only in Nokia phones.
  • Display: It is a general rule that any display less than 5inch makes for a great pocket phone. But if a person wants to get a better gaming experience, better quality output for videos etc., he should opt for a 5 inch mobile display or higher as it makes for:
    • More screen space for enjoying multimedia,
    • Better application handling,
    • Better reading abilities for those users who have difficulty reading small print and
    • Easy typing or writing, as the case may be.
  • Camera: If the user is heavily into taking pictures, he should opt for a Smartphone which has a minimum of 5MP camera. For the best selfie phone, one should opt for at least a 1megapixel front camera and preferably a front flash too. Other important factors, which aid in good photography are:
    • Sensors for backside illumination for low-light photography,
    • LED flash, both in the back and front etc.
  • Battery: It is best to always opt for a batter with a higher mAH or milliamp hour since bigger displays, better camera, more applications etc; all require good amount of battery.

Buying a good Smartphone to satisfy all the requirement for the user is not a big deal if the above things are taken into account. In fact once a person gets addicted to the utility and ease that a Smartphone offers it will almost work like a mini-computer for the user.

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