Good Food and Exercise are key to a Healthy Life

Fitness is the result of healthy eating and regular exercise. For women, making sure to consume the right food including all the essential nutrients is the first step. Eating right before exercises is also important. Read the article to find more.

A fitness regime includes both healthy food and exercise. Going to the gym but eating cupcakes and doughnuts for breakfast will not give you the figure you have been wanting so far. Food plays an important role and eating a well-balanced diet will give you the energy to work out efficiently. Getting off to a good start with the first meal of the day will power your muscles and brain for an active day ahead.

A healthy diet for women has to include all the right nutrients in the right proportions at the right time.


As much as they are feared, carbs are a necessity. Fueling the body is done best only with carbohydrates. A major portion of the regular intake of calories should be from carbohydrates. However, choosing the right carbohydrates is important. Consuming simple carbs found in sweets and processed food should be avoided. Instead, focusing on complex carbs found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans should be a major portion of the diet. They also help you feel fuller for longer thereby curbing your hunger pangs.


Diet plans for women can never be complete without the intake of proteins. Growth, maintenance and repairing are the three things that your body needs proteins for. Also beneficial for an efficient workout, they are essential for repairing and building muscles, helping you enjoy your workout.


A healthy structure needs a healthier base. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and this is why it should be included in the diet in optimum levels. It helps prepare the bones for an effective workout. Milk & other dairy products and green leafy vegetables are the major sources of calcium. However, women who work out need more nutrient intake compared to the ones who don’t. Health drinks for women can be used to fill the gap. A spoonful of health drink twice in milk can help keep up the bone health.

The pre-workout diet

Striking a balance between the right amount carbs and proteins is necessary. Following are the foods you can most certainly include in your diet.

1) Bananas: With high content of potassium and magnesium, bananas help you replenish these minerals. Also, they provide you with natural sugars that act as catalysts for your body’s metabolism. Add peanut butter for a dash of protein.

2) Berries, grapes and oranges: Full of vitamins, minerals and high in water content, they help you with a quick boost of energy. Pair them with yogurt for added protein.

3) Nuts: Heart healthy food which provides you with proteins and essential nutrients, nuts give sustained energy for your workout.

To sum it all up, you need to strike a balance between all the foods that you consume. Healthy food for women who like to sweat it out in the gym should have all the essentials. Balance is the key element in this setup. Keep the following points in check and you shall never go wrong:

– Never skip breakfast

– Include complex carbohydrates, lean protein sources, healthy fats and a host of fruits and vegetables

– Fill your gym bag to the brim with healthy workout snacks

– Make sure to drink at least two glasses of milk with added health drinks daily

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