How To Choose The Best Washing Machine?

washing machineA new washing machine, whether to replace an existing one or the one you are buying for the first time, always adds more value to your home. The latest models are more energy efficient and feature-rich than ever before. All the new features and technologies mean more convenience and more energy savings. However, there are many more factors to consider when choosing the best washer for your home. This comprehensive guide will cover all the points you need to consider.

Top Loading or Front-Loading Washer

The loading mechanism differentiates all the washing machine new models available in the market. The two styles are as following:

  • Top Loading Washing Machines: If you don’t want to stoop to put the clothes into the machine, this is the right option.  When it comes to prices of washing machines, top-loaders are more affordable. It allows adding clothes in between the wash cycle, thus increasing convenience.
  • Front Loading Washing Machines: These machines are more energy efficient and are gentle in their tumbling action. Front-loaders stand out for their enhanced wash quality. If you want to wash delicate clothes, want better water efficiency and more wash programs, this is the right choice.

Drum’s Capacity

You should also consider the drum capacity of the washing machine before getting one. It will depend on the number of clothes you want to wash in a single cycle, which further depends on your family size. A small nuclear family doesn’t require a machine with drum capacity of more than 8 kg. The larger the family, the higher the drum capacity you will require.

Automatic Washing Machines

There are two main types of automatic washing machine new models – the fully automatic and the semi-automatic one. If your budget allows it, it makes all the sense to choose a fully-automatic option. The key advantages of the two are as following:

  1. Fully Automatic Washers

It will automatically add the water, rinse and dry the clothes. You can let it wash the clothes while taking care of other chores. The latest washing machine new models have sophisticated technologies with multiple wash functions, hot-water supply system, and smart systems.

When choosing a fully-automatic machine, it is important to consider the key features. You should look for the following features:

  • Wash mode & rinse mode
  • Spin mode
  • Cold/hot water options
  • Dryer
  • Top-loading/front loading design

Front loading washers are considered better in terms of performance, but they cost more and require you to lean down for loading and unloading the laundry.

  1. Semi-Automatic Washers

These washing machines are more energy-efficient. They don’t require constant water supply. Most designs usually allow you to add clothes during the wash cycle. Unlike the fully-automatic washer, the semi-automatic washer requires that you take the clothes out of the washing tub and put into the dryer. In other words, there is need for manual intervention during the cycle.

But you can also find single-tub semi-automatic washers. They also have some of the features of the fully-automatic machines. A semi-automatic washing machine doesn’t require constant water connection, so it saves water. The washing cycles are also shorter, thus saving time. Another advantage is that the washer can be moved from one place to another with ease.

Additional Factors

There are even more factors to consider when choosing a washing machine. Some of the important points include the following:

  • Drum Material: The different options are stainless steel, plastic, and porcelain-enamel. Stainless steel is longer-lasting and is reliable for high spin speeds.
  • Automatic Washing Conditions: Different washing machine new models can have this feature by different names. The washer will determine the ideal washing conditions based on the quality of the clothes added to it.
  • Water Temperature Control: You can also find washers that regulate water temperature using a heater for optimal results. Some machines can also have steam settings.
  • Time Delay Feature: Some machines have time delay and pre-soak features. The time delay feature lets you schedule when the machine should wash. The pre-soak feature allows soaking the clothes for a specific period of time.

Besides considering all these points, you should also look for a washing machine with price that perfectly fits into your budget. You can have a washer with all the latest features and functions, but it is your budget that lets you make the final choice. So look for a machine that offers the required features at the best price you can afford.

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