How to succeed your eCommerce fashion store

Statistically, a quarter of users stop shopping due to a complicated navigation of web stores, 21% because of the sparing a lot of time for the prolonged order form, and 15% because of times out of websites. So how to increase a success of your fashion web store and a number of satisfied customers?

1. Be adaptive.
Your content should be not easy good, but excellent and even – the best! If you do not know how to achieve this, you can ask for help from professionals (like MageDirect). The most important thing here is to build on the preferences of the target audience, which means that you should carefully studying current topics. It is important to create “evergreen” content that won’t become obsolete and, as a consequence, help the site stay a long time in TOP.

2. Use wonderful images.
Here it is worth noting that the creation of video content is often ignored, while it can attract a fairly large amount of traffic. This is especially noticeable when using the YouTube service since with this video hosting transitions are always good. In addition, embedding the video in the page directly on the corporate website helps to improve the behavioral factors – namely: increase the amount of time that the user spends on it.

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