Nutritional Drinks for Children – An essential part of a child’s food regimen

A child’s food regimen should have all vital nutrients as he is physically active all through the day. As the amount of energy spent by him is more than any mature person, the replenishment should be sensibly planned. There are many healthy energy drinks available in the market for kids that can help energize them.

Which Drinks Are Considered Healthy For Children?

Any drink containing essential nutrients that are useful for the body is considered healthy. There are a lot of such drinks available in the market, both from natural and artificial ingredients, which are advantageous for the body. These can be included in the healthy meals for the kids.

As the body structure of children is different from that of grown-ups, the health requirements are different as well. Therefore, the amounts as well as the kind of drinks they should have are different from adults’ health drinks

Whereas water is one of the healthiest drinks, as it keeps the body hydrated, it does not have adequate minerals and vitamins required by the body. Thus, these requirements need to be obtained from other sources.

Healthy Energy Drinks for Kids

Milk is the healthiest drink for kids, except if they are lactose intolerant. In such cases, lactose-free milk or calcium-fortified soy drinks can be a good substitute. Milk provides the everyday requirement of calcium. It fortifies bones and enhances muscle functioning.

The amount of calcium a kid requires in a day is:

Toddlers (1-3years): 700mg

Kids (4-8years): 1,000mg

Grown-up kids (9-18years): 1,300mg

Nutritional drinks considered a very healthy option for kids and are harmless to consume. As they come in numerous flavors and taste delightful, children usually like to have them.

Nevertheless, do make a note of the ingredients before choosing a drink, as it should go well with the body type and nutrition requirements of your child.

Nutritional Drinks for Children:

Nutritional drinks are a good source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Having them with milk or water is always good.

Nutritious kids’ drinks can be found in various with flavors, like chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch etc. These nutrients improve the growth of sturdy bones as well as muscles, healthy teeth, hair and skin, good eyesight, and sharp mental abilities.

These drinks are a low-calorie composition which ensures ample energy with no unwanted calories, which makes it the best healthy breakfast drinks for children. These are perfect for growing kids and finicky eaters and can be had at any time of the day – after play, before sleep time, etc. This is also good if you are a vegan and cannot eat meat to serve your body with vital nutrients.

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