Top 4 diploma courses after 12th fit for both boys and girls

Not everyone is privileged to afford the fees of engineering, management and medical colleges, neither all are capable of carrying in-depth study that degree programs demand. Still, you can shape your career in the field revolving around these branches of study by taking up diploma courses. There are a number of diploma courses that are suitable for both boys and girls, and offer them a respectable vocation to manage things in future with their heads up.
Some of the interesting as well as promising Diploma Courses after 12th is talked about here. Many of these courses have registered full house in recent times and the placement chart also outshone those of simple graduation colleges.

a.    Diploma in Business Analytics: Business Analytics is a vast domain that comprises of optimal collection of concepts like Data Management, Big Data Analysis, Operations Research, Logical and Critical Thinking, and various other fields of inter-disciplinary nature. So, if you could not get that coveted seat in IT engineering stream, simply apply for this professional course after 12th and make your way to a great career happening as well as exciting. As a candidate of Diploma in Business Analytics, you become a person with better decision making skills and analytical approach which is liked a lot by head-hunters. Thus, your job is quite secured at the end of the term of this course.

b.    Diploma in Fashion Designing: This is another one of the most talked about Professional Courses after 12th. If you love dressing up people and playing with design ideas and colors, this diploma course is ‘tailor’-made for you. During the course you learn about the fashion influencers, evolution of fashion, types of fabrics, seam styles, and various other designing elements that play a crucial role in making any outfit a class apart. After doing this course, you need not wait for call from companies; you can simply start an enterprise of your own and guarantee yourself a vocation for lifetime.

c.    Diploma in Physical Training and Yoga: If studies sound alien to you and you want some stream that talks a lot about physical strength and fitness of body and mind rather than equations and formulae, this diploma course is certainly a bankable option for you. As a student of diploma in yoga and physical training, you learn everything about staying fit and healthy and also learn about the nuances of encouraging others to follow the fitness route. Thus, you are easily absorbed in corporate wellness sector, schools, colleges and other institutes where fitness is given its due respect.

d.    Diploma in Accounting Management: In a country like India where taxation is the key to development, knowing about accounts and taxation is truly a boon. For students having commercial bend of mind, diploma in accounting management is a prolific option of study. They get to know about book-keeping procedures, tax laws, trial balance and many other concepts of accounting without consuming themselves in the toughness of CA & CS courses.

So, think about joining these courses at Institute for Diploma Courses after 12th and make your dream job a reality.

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