Types of Fully Automatic Washing Machines & their Latest Features

Washing Machine New ModelsA fully automatic machine is the ideal washing machine for any home where more convenience is preferred. These washers can both wash and dry your clothes and can do so without much human intervention. You should choose these washers if you want to save time, seek high energy efficiency, and want effective washing. Here you will find about the different types of fully-automatic washers and the key features you should look for when choosing the perfect machine for your home.

Front-Loading Vs Top-Loading Washing Machines

When you decide to choose a fully-automatic washer, you will come across two design options – a top load washing machine and a front-loading machine. You should make the right choice based on your specific washing needs.

When you compare top loading washing machines with front-loading washers, you will find that the washing basket is designed horizontally. This type of washer will use paddles on the sides of the basket for moving the clothes and stirring water. The basket will also rotate while the paddles help in removing the dirt from the clothes.

On the other hand, top-loaders feature a basket that is vertically positioned. It has an agitator fixed along the vertical axis at the center of the basket. As a general rule front-loaders have higher water efficiency while top-loaders are lighter.

Latest Features

When choosing the right washer, it is important that you should evaluate the features too along with the washing machine fully automatic price. Some of the latest features of both top-loading and front-loading machines are described here:

Top Loading Washing Machines

The ideal top-loading washers are available with load capacities of 7 to 8 kg. Some of the latest technologies and features in this category are as following:

  • 360° Turbo Jet Wash: This feature makes it easier to wash the clothes. It makes optimal use of detergent and improves washing performance.
  • Fuzzy Logic: This intelligent feature monitors factors like load imbalance, water levels, door lid open/close, and weight of laundry to adjust the washing process. The advantages are numerous – saving water, detergent and even electric power.
  • Direct Drive Invertor Technology: This technology makes use of a motor directly connected to the drum. The advantages include reduced vibrations, increased efficiency, more electricity savings, more water savings, lesser noise, and increased washer lifecycle.
  • Soak Wash: Everyone has some kind of deep stains and dirt that can be difficult to remove. Soak wash feature allows you to soak the clothes in the detergent solution prior to the washing, thus increasing efficiency.

Front Loading Washing Machines

If you are looking for a fully-automatic washer, the best front loading washing machine is available in a multitude of load capacities ranging from 6 kg to 7.5 kg. Some of the key features found in the latest front-loading fully-automatic washers include the following:

  • Intelligent Control: This feature uses sensors for monitoring different washing factors like water level, lid open, weight of laundry and load imbalance and then adjusts the washing process. This helps in conserving water, electric power and detergent.
  • Express Super Short Wash: Many times you have only a small amount of clothes to wash. This feature allows you to wash less than 2 kg of clothes within just 24 minutes.
  • Add on Clothes: Do you know that some front-loading washers also allow you to add clothes during the wash cycle. There will be no need to restart the wash cycle from the start.

The best fully-automatic washers available today feature an LED display that allows you to control and monitor the washing status. When you want to choose a washer, it is not just the front load washing machine price that should be taken into account. It is recommended to consider the benefits of choosing such a washer and the key features offered by different brands.

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