Welcome To The Beautiful World Of 4G Technology

4G or ‘fourth generation’ is a technology for mobile networking which makes for faster internet connect. In fact so fast is the technology that webpages open just at the tap of the screen. In order to capitalise on this technology, today Smartphone companies have introduced 4G mobiles in India in which contents can be downloaded at superfast speeds.

Advantages of 4G over 3G

Mobiles compatible with 3 g technology were also a revolution since 3g enabled a mobile to:

  • Load webpages and stream music and videos,
  • Enable video calling and wireless voice telephone over a wider area,
  • Send and receive emails and
  • Make use of satellite navigation.

The 4G mobile can do all of this but at a much faster rate without the user having to undergo any buffering. In fact experts claim that the 4g technology is all set to act as a catalyst for the introduction of a host of extremely advanced entertainment based internet services, some of which were almost unimaginable till before the advent of this technology. There are certain distinct advantages that this technology has over its predecessors. They are:

  • Transfers or delivers multimedia content, like HD movies, from the internet directly into 4g mobile phones takes place within a matter of a few minutes.
  • Facilitates a smoother and extremely fast browsing experience which enables webpages to load smoothly without buffering even during peak usage hours.
  • Enables a gaming experience which makes it easy for users to play complex multi-player games online.

Is your mobile 4g compatible

While most Smartphones present currently can be sagely said to be 3g complaint, it does not automatically make it 4g reliant. Thus instead of blindly believing whatever the salesperson says with regards to a new Smartphone being 4g complaint, it is best to check it by following the methods given below:

  • For android phones: Opening the option for mobile networks in the settings tab will enable the user to access the network mode of the phone. If the phone is 4g enabled it will present the user with the option for selecting the 4g mode.
  • For iPhones: Clicking on the settings tab will open up the general tab which will further open up another tab called cellular. The 4g/LTE mode selection option, if present in the mobile, will be present here.
  • For Windows phone: Going through settings, cellular+SIM and finally highest connection speed will lead the user to the LTE option, if the phone is 4g complaint.

But buying a 4g mobile in India is not enough to start enjoying the extraordinary benefits offered by the 4g technology. The user needs to ensure that the network provider he is aligned with, upgrades him from being a 3g user to being a 4g user. This means switching the old 3g SIM with a new 4g enabled SIM card. Only then will the user be able to truly understand the magic of 4g and be able to use it fully.

Bhairavi Chandra is an expert in 4G mobile phones and has been actively involved in development of 4G phones. He opines that future is bright for 4g mobiles in India. According to him, 4G smartphones help the customers leverage the newest technology to their best benefits.

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