What are the different mobile application development services that a company provides?

mobile application development From paying bills to booking tickets, applications have made our lives a lot easier. Hence, a user always prefers mobile applications. Mobile application development services are something that every brand or company needs in order to be easily accessible to the customers and users. The mobile application development is the main key to success for any brand or company these days. Applications that are both unique and creative are what the consumers and businesses both demand.

A web design and development company focuses on hand held devices   involving digital assistants and PDAs. Technologies that are used by the applications are iOS, blackberry, symbian, windows, android, QT framework and JAVA ME(J2ME). The companies providing mobile app design services offer Symbian Application development, Windows Application Development, Android App Development and iPhone App Development.

There are three main types of applications –

Native Apps – Native Applications are developed for using on a single device or platform specifically. Example – if an application is developed for an iOS Operating System, it will not work on an Android device. An app developed for a particular operating system remains limited to that operating system itself. The Native Applications are device specfic, they can use hardware and software compatible to that particular device which means that the Native Applications can make use of all the technologies available on that device.

Web Apps – The web applications behave in a trend that is akin to the native application. These require a browser to run and are written in programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS or HTML5. The web apps redirect users to the URL and offers an option for installation. They became popular only after the users realized that they can find the functions of native apps in the browser.

Hybrid Apps – Hybrid applications are like regular applications that can be found on any smart phone. They can be easily found in app stores and can be downloaded. These applications include games, social media, various photoshops, antivirus, health trackers etc. Hybrid applications are made with the amalgamation of web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Since, these applications target the Web View instead of mobile browser, it is easier for them to access the hardware capabilities of the device.

The application development has made a major impact on entertainment and media (games, movies, music, fun apps etc), business(transaction and banking apps) and productivity(there are applications that are designed to increase productivity among the users).

The web design company services include many roles apart from the maintenance, creation and design of the websites. The roles include website development, SEO and Internet marketing, offshore website development, Content management and E-commerce strategies and solutions. The quality of these services provided is responsible for the betterment of any website. Many of the web designing companies provides services with different packages to choose from according to their requirements.

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