What are the Three Most Popular Ecommerce Development Platforms?

Ecommerce Website Design Company The internet has changed the way the world purchased products and services. Setting up an online store allows you to take your products to any desired market. But it is important to create a high quality store that offers excellent user experience, security, and an engaging environment. When choosing an Ecommerce Web Design Company, it is recommended to check that they are using the latest and most advanced platforms. Here are three of the most trusted and popular ecommerce development platforms you should know about.

  1. Magento Ecommerce Development

Magento is a trusted open-source ecommerce platform that offers limitless integration and customizations. You can develop an online store that addresses all online shopping preferences, cart customizations, and security. Some of the main benefits of using this platform for Ecommerce Website Development are as following:

  • Web Design Customization: Magento offers endless CSS customization options for web design.
  • Faster Loading Stores: Some of the fastest online stores are developed on this platform. Faster loading web pages means better user experience and better search engine rankings.
  • Custom Integrations: Magento allows third-party integrations and offers more space for custom integrations – from payment gateways to crucial web applications.
  • Mobile & SEO Friendly: The platform is regularly updated with the latest web design standards and SEO ranking factors. It also offers excellent URL structure, analytics, and meta-implementation options.
  • Hosting Options: With Magento, you have the options to choose any hosting service.
  • Highly Secure Product Management & Order Preferences: The online store development platform offers high level of security with product management options. Custom reporting options allow you to view periodic transaction history, export reports, update product descriptions, add/remove items and images, and much more.

Magento can also support multiple websites on a single back-end admin, making it an even more popular ecommerce development platform.

  1. Woocommerce Development

Woocommerce is an ecommerce development plugin developed by WordPress and offers its familiar environment and advantages. There are many reasons why it is a preferred online store developing platform among Ecommerce Website Developers.

  • Free & Open Source: Woocommerce offers the ideal ecommerce development platform for small to medium businesses because it is affordable.
  • Customizations: Despite being a free plugin, Woocommerce offers high level of customization using a wide range of themes. You can also download apps to achieve further level of customization.
  • Flexibility: The plugin allows flexibility so that content can be changed easily. Templates can be modified for including new extensions. This means it is easy to grow your online store as your business and needs grow.
  • Security: Woocommerce uses the latest security technologies to provide protection to your customer data and transactions. The plugin is regularly updated to prevent any potential security threats.

Woocommerce also offers a variety of analytics tools and has a large community support.

  1. Prestashop Development

Prestashop is also a widely used ecommerce shopping cart program that is an open source ecommerce CMS. It is designed to for creating and managing a feature-rich online store without the need for paying any licensing fees. It supports a wide range of payment gateways, is highly efficient and easier to work with. Some of the main reasons why your Ecommerce Website Design Company will use it are as following:

  • Free & Open Source: Prestashop offers the best of cost-effective, feature-rich ecommerce development.
  • SEO Friendly: Prestashop allows easier changes to URLs and title tags, simplifying search engine optimization.
  • Animated “Include in Cart” Feature: The platform simplifies online buying experience with this feature.
  • Fast: Prestashop doesn’t require multiple web servers to turn and is fast.

The platform offers free modules and themes and is growing at a fast pace due to all these benefits.

So if you are looking to develop an ecommerce store, these are some of the most popular platforms to choose from. All these platforms offer different features to address your specific needs and ensure that you have a successful online store.

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