What long term courses can you pursue after 10th?

The education is not restricted only to earning medical and engineering degrees only. There is a vast world of education streams comprising of various branches of study that are equally interesting and challenging than any technical degree course. Even if you do not have a technical bend of mind, you can go for non-technical long terms courses after 12th or 10th and have better chance at jobs. This article tells you about various technical and non-technical diploma courses that are offered by private and government institutes, polytechnic colleges and others.

a. Technical course in textile technology: Right from the make-up of fabric to maintaining it, a technical course in textile technology student gets to learn every aspect of textile making and maintenance. These courses are quite job-oriented and have loads of benefits to offer to the students.

b. Technical courses in various streams of engineering: A diploma holder in electrical, electronic, computer applications, civil or any other branch of engineering is certainly more practically knowledgeable than a degree holder. A student pursuing these courses gets job in all available sectors more easily than the competitors. He or she is likely to find suitable jobs rather easily and the pay scale is satisfactory too.

c. Diploma in food technology: This course is inter-disciplinary in nature and involves study of chemistry, agriculture, nutrition, health and other aspects surrounding food. You may find yourself solving a food problem in some part of the world or starting a beautiful initiative of converting a barren land into a food mine once you have completed this course.

d. Mechatronics and other hybrid courses: It is right to call mechatronics and similar streams the ‘hybrid courses’ as these take into account the aspects of computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering and control procedures and offer an inter-disciplinary branch of study to students who dare to dream big and are capable of handling complex studies rather effortlessly. Mechatronics Courses in Delhi and other major cities of India have seen growth in the number of students in recent times along with the branches like biotechnology, microelectronics and others.

e. Diploma in interior designing and decoration: This course of non-technical nature teaches you all about architecture, history of design and decoration, designing influencers, modern designing rules and many more. The student needs to have commendable imaginative power and appreciable desire for designing to sail through this program without any glitches. Some institutes offer long term courses after 10th in this field.

f. Diploma in Travel and Tourism: A man considers travelling as a better way of knowing people and culture. This branch of study includes hospitality management, travel management and also teaches the students about the cities and their culture in detail. The student learns about consumer behaviors, culture and travel habits of the people from various parts of the world and designs travel and tour plans as part of curriculum to display his knowledge about the subject.
Thus, broaden your horizons about education and learning and explore more and in advance before joining any run-of-the-mill course after 10th or 12th.

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